Starting from nothing can be daunting. so we’ve created a few challenges to get you started.The below challenges are designed to fit the following criteria:

  1. Provide a sandbox/low risk environment to create online
  2. Give quick feedback through examples
  3. Begin with a structured challenge
  4. End with an open challenge
  • Squiggles


    “What are you hoping to get out of this class?” It’s a question many have answered as students, and a few have answered as instructors. In Squiggles, we flip the question to help us reach our intention as a learner/instructor and create a visual reminder. Challenge will take ~15 minutes to complete.

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  • System Shapes

    System Shapes

    We think of time as a line. We are in the present, moving toward the future and away from the past. In the same way, we can think of systems as shapes made up of lines. Let’s explore some of these shapes and even make our own. Challenge will take ~ 10 minutes to complete.

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